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  • PCO Mission

    The World PCO Alliance was created to provide leadership in meeting management through the delivery of streamlined and effective meetings throughout the globe.
  • Conference Management

    We have the experienced, multilingual permanent staff to organize international congress and conferences of any size under one Alliance.

    Our vast expertise allows us to satisfy a wide range of needs with flexibility and excellence.
  • Events Management

    Our services can be adjusted to suit a varying degree of involvement. We can handle the full organization of an event of any size and complexity, or we can act as a local support to a core event planner.
  • Sponsorship & Exhibition

    We design customized exhibition and sponsorship programs to fit every requirement around the world as part of major international congresses and as stand-alone exhibitions.
    To date World PCO Alliance partners have collectively managed over 8 million square metres of exhibition space.
  • Destination Management

    When planning a corporate or group outing, it's always best to work with our Alliance, for quality advice and service in any destination globally.
    World PCO Alliance members have coordinated travel itineraries for over 30 million visitors.
  • Association Management

    As an Alliance and as individuals, we dedicate ourselves to enabling and supporting our 700 employees to deliver exemplary service and create value for 1,500 organizations and associations yearly.
  • Audio Visual Management

    Headed by a team of professional experts among our members in the field of audio visuals, we provide onsite management, technical solutions and rental services. We specialize in providing customized and creative audio visual solutions to address all our customers’ requirements for any turnkey events, exhibitions, conferences and fixed installations, just to name a few.
  • Web & Mobile Application

    Among the members, we design and build the event website with the integration of back-end systems, and development tools to achieve a comprehensive One Stop MICE Integrated Application Shop. We have a team of talented engineers committed to deliver cutting-edge, top-quality web & hybrid mobile applications for your needs.

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World PCO Alliance Press Release


The Y Factor: Winning Over Millennials at Your Next Meeting
EIBTM Barcelona, 18 November 2014

Is your meeting attracting the new generation of millennials? In case you haven’t noticed, members of this young demographic (also referred to as Generation Y) have started attending your meetings in recent years, and this number will only increase. To future-proof your event, investing in this critical market segment is an absolute must. The following tactics are just some of the ways to make millennials take notice of your event:

1. Make your event website social:
Millennials are social media savvy and very active. Be sure to make your social media platforms easily visible on your website by placing them above the fold (the portion of the website page visible before scrolling). Have a blog where you update your attendees about what they can look forward to, and invite them to participate in conversations with speakers, sponsors and any other key player in your event.

2. Location matters:
Millennials want to visit big cities. While location isn’t the primary factor in making the decision of attending your event or stay home, it still makes a difference. Is your event in a city that they’d like to explore? If it isn’t, millennials just might pass.

3. Offer opportunities for professional networking:
As young professionals graduate and enter the workforce, it's important for these individuals to take advantage of networking opportunities at conferences, and to speak to well-established industry folks that can open doors or offer advice to help them advance their career goals. Make sure your event offers such opportunities and advertise them.

4. Make education fun and interesting:
Brevity is key. Millennials learn and attain information differently than other generations. The suggested session set-up is 15-20 minute blocks, or 1 hour blocks with 3-4 different speakers. In addition, millennials will tune out the speakers who promote themselves during their talks. They want to be educated and participate in solving problematic issues and discussions, not sold to.

5. Have a mobile app:
Staying connected comes second nature to millennials, whether it's on their smartphones or tablets. Having a mobile app for your meeting allows millennials to extend this connectivity to your event, making everything from schedules to speaker bios available when they want them. As a bonus, you’re letting millennials know that you understand them and care about their participation.

Making your event relevant is key to survival in this increasingly competitive market. Implementing even a few of the above changes will attract the millennials you need to fortify the future, while keeping your current attendees happy with your efforts to increase overall engagement and participation.

By The JPdL Communications Team
JPdL International, Canada

Per Ankaer, President of the World PCO Alliance says: “We are constantly trying to improve our value to our Association clients, and aim to be in the front of the development. We have developed this strategy in order to improve the number of participants in conferences and congresses and secure the long term development and success of Association Meetings.“

The World PCO Alliance was created to help associations organize effective meetings throughout the globe. Representing the front-runner PCOs in all six continents, this cohesive group aims to capitalize on the efficiency of consolidating conference and event services within one network. By sharing resources, knowledge, technology, training and best practices, the WPCOA is the associations’ one-stop solution for international meetings and conferences. All 21 members of the alliance are leaders in the association congresses industry in their respective countries and regions.

For further information, we welcome you to contact JPdL International and/or the Alliance’s leading officers, who will be happy to entertain any further enquiries you may have.

Per Ankaer, President: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   +4561702410
Kitty Wong, Vice President: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
JPdL International: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.worldpco.org

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