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The purpose of their work is to shine a light in the world.

To step forward and make a measurable difference.

Everything they undertake, develop and support is aimed at uplifting, enlightening, encouraging and helping to build a more hopeful tomorrow for people, companies and communities. They are committed to doing good in the world by doing good business.

ENRITSCH work with an expansive network of entities comprised of multi-national corporations and small-to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs) who leverage our technologies to promote their services; members of the public that they help; and people they support through social impact programs.

Their technologies include:

ENRITSCH – An online community health and wellness platform that provides people seeking emotional, mental, physical or spiritual growth or improvement in their lives, free resources to help them on their journey to happiness and healing. And a lighthouse for thousands of businesses in the health and wellness industry who leverage the platform to promote their services to more than 480,000 visitors each year. | Facebook | Instagram

mohmentz - A community photography and videography platform that enables meetings & event planners to increase event revenues,  deliver more immersive and exciting attendee experiences, and drive top and bottom line growth. | Facebook | Instagram